Background Story — History of the Vallco Site Zoning:

– Stage 1 (before December 4, 2014):

Retail only (No office building or housing allowed)

– Stage 2 (after the vote of GPA at about 2:00am, December 4, 2014):

Cupertino City Council voted after almost all the residents left the meeting room. The 4:1 voting result (only Darcy Paul voted No) marks the start of Vallco’s conditional rezone:

  1. Two Million square feet office allocated;
  2. Maximum building height changed to TBD

– Stage 3 (June, 2015):

Vallco EIR started under the conditional rezone.

– Stage 4 (April, 2016):

Vallco developer Sand Hill Property (SHP) Company started an initiative (Measure D) which includes: 2,000,000 sq. ft. of office space, 800+ housing units, 17% square footage of retails. At the same time, the Vallco EIR was on hold.

– Stage 5 (November, 2016):

Measure D failed, Cupertino residents used their votes to declare they don’t support a development Plan with 2 Million square feet office and only 17% retail footage at the Vallco shopping site.

New Situation in 2017:

The Conditional Rezone of Vallco shopping site is still effective, which includes

  1. Two Million square feet office allocation;
  2. Maximum building height at Vallco site as TBD.

Cupertino City Council ignored residents’ request to get rid of the conditional rezone started on December 4, 2014. The office quota and uncleared language in Vallco zoning may cause potential problem in future. 


Details and recent news can be found in our blog.


(Chinese version) 背景介绍--Vallco的Zoning变迁历史:

– 第一阶段 (2014年12月4日以前):

– 第二阶段 (市议会在2014年12月4日凌晨2点投票通过GPA):
当大批反对市民退场后,市议会在凌晨以4:1投票批准通过GPA计划,只有Darcy Paul投了反对票。这份GPA包含有条件的Vallco rezone内容:

  1. 分配2百万平方英尺办公楼面积给Vallco;
  2. 把Vallco楼高限制改成“不设限”.

– 第三阶段 (2015年6月):
Vallco开发商向城市要求启动项目批准第一步的环境报告EIR,要求在Vallco rezone框架下开始项目审批。

– 第四阶段 (2016年4月):
Vallco开发商Sand Hill Property (SHP) Company开始了Measure D提案过程,暂时搁置了EIR审批。D提案的主体内容是:兴建两百万平方英尺的办公楼,楼高超过100英尺;加盖800户以上住房;商业零售面积只占项目主体的17%。

– 第五阶段 (2016年11月):
D提案失败, Cupertino市民用选票郑重宣告,大家不支持在Vallco只留下17%商业零售面积,盖2百万平方英尺办公大楼和其他高密设施的计划。



  1. 2百万平方英尺的办公面积配额;
  2. Vallco楼高限制依然是“不设限”.

虽然部分市民多次写信要求Cupertino市议会取消2014年12月4日凌晨投票通过的Vallco有条件rezone,但是市议会却完全置之不理。而Vallco zoning规定里面的巨额办公楼指标,还有很多语言漏洞,则有可能让开发商利用法律漏洞自动得到高密建筑指标。