— Write to Mercury News and Cupertino Courier

  • Reader’s Letter to Cupertino Courier: Email to Matt Wilson mwilson@community-newspapers.com

    Maximum of roughly 250-300 words. Send by Monday morning to be included for Friday’s edition. Include name and any affiliation.

  • Reader’s Letter to Mercury News: Email to letters@mercurynews.com

    Requirements: 150 words or less. Include name and address. Letters are accepted daily.

Express your opinions on Vallco and other development issues, traffic congestion, school overcrowding, safety issue, BMR or General Plan process.

 Sample letter 1: Why the rush to negotiate a new Vallco deal?

— Speak at City Council or other Commission meetings

Check the meeting schedule.

— Write to Cupertino City Council

Send Email to Cupertino City Council Members, or individual Council Member: Savita VaidhyanathanBarry ChangDarcy PaulRod SinksSteven Scharf.

Sample letters will be provided when there are any hot issues.