Say NO to the Stern Hotel!

What’s “the Stern Hotel”? A hotel is being proposed in San Jose right on on the San Jose/Cupertino city limits at the intersection of Stern Avenue and Stevens Creek Boulevard.
The proposed “Stern Hotel” will have 132 rooms and only 79 parking spaces.  The proposed hotel will have 3 underground parking levels and 6 above ground stories. It will have a height of 90′ .  The site is only 0.415 acres.  0.415 acres is about the size of 2 or 3  single family residential lots.  Imagine the equivalent of 44 hotel rooms on a single family residential lot!
Here is the detailed plan for the Stern Hotel.
The proposed hotel will have ZERO setback from the adjacent properties.  Since those properties are in San Jose, I suppose that those San Jose residents have only themselves to blame if they allow that hotel to be built.  However there are many residences in Cupertino within a few hundred feet of the proposed hotel that will have to deal with the visual, traffic and on-street parking impacts of the proposed hotel.
San Jose Municipal Code mandates that hotels must have a parking space per room and must also have a parking space per employee.  San Jose Municipal Code also allows for a 50% reduction in the required parking.  Apparently San Jose will grant the hotel that reduction in mandated parking spaces.
There are only about 3 on-street parking spaces within the City of San Jose within walking distance of the proposed hotel.  If the parking spaces that the hotel will provide are insufficient, hotel customers and employees will park on the street.  The vast majority of those on-street parking spaces are in Cupertino.
Please refer to the following post on Mercury News. This hotel is attractive to San Jose because , the “project would clearly draw tax revenue from Cupertino.”