San Jose Urban Village Plan includes Stevens Creek Urban Village and De Anza Urban Village. Many projects in them are adjacent to Cupertino and will have a direct impact on Cupertino, Santa Clara…… and Cupertino Union School District.

Upcoming Events regarding Stevens Creek Urban Village Plan:

   – San Jose City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 27 at 6:00PM

Here is the Public Hearing Notice. You may also write email to San Jose Planning Commission or San Jose City Council to express your concerns. This project is in San Jose District 1, council member Chappie Jones.

You can find more information on San Jose City official page of Stevens Creek Urban Village.

On east side of this Urban Village, the building height may reach 150 feet, while on west side, even the lowest height limited is 85 feet. A lot of residents, including Better Cupertino supporters, attended the SCAG meeting on May 11th. Thank you for your appearance! It did make a difference with the transition regulations. The plan of a 7-story hotel (the Stern Hotel) at the intersection of Stern Ave and Stevens Creek (to replace current Shell Gas Station) may be on hold, but a new plan will appear soon.

You can see how a 85-ft building looks like in the following image.

More residents engagement may give pressure to developers and San Jose officials on shaping the Stevens Creek Urban Village Plan. So, please inform your neighbors, no matter if you are living in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara. And you can subscribe to Better Cupertino newsletter for updates in future.

Some residents talked about the impact of Stevens Creek Urban Vallige Plan in Cupertino City Council. Please take a look at the video clips: speech1, speech2, speech3

Currently, there is no official page for De Anza Urban Village Plan. Please note that the De Anza Urban Village is under planning, too. What gets approved for Stevens Creek may set the tone for De Anza. There are some draft plan of two hotels proposed for De Anza Blvd. in West San Jose.
  – C16-041 1080 S De Anza Blvd 4-story, 90 room hotel with one level of underground parking on a .608 gross acre site
  – H16-040 S De Anza Blvd & Bark Ln. ​Four story, 86 room hotel with one level of below grade parking on a 0.59 gross acre

4 thoughts on “San Jose Urban Village Plan

  1. The real issue in the community of Cupertino and the Surrounding Areas is that do we want and allow the area to become a Mega City and the answer should be no because with Mega Cities comes more crime, traffic and foot congestion, health issues, and environmental pollution issues. Better Cupertino has been an advocate against rapid city grouth but also against the increase in pollution and my hope is they will take a stand against the Lehigh Southwest Cement and Quarry and the Steven Creek Quarry. The more people, cars and increase in Cement and Quarry activitiy will bring an imposssible living condition for the poor unsuspecting people who must endure the poision spewing from these pollutors. I ask that not only does the community look at taller buildings and hotels that they look at the next possibility that Lehigh Southwest Cement and Quarry will put in the next Quarry Pit because they are running out of limestone that is what cement is made of. They are in the processes of building Lehigh Water Treatment Plant and after that the next request made to Santa Clara County will be a new quarry pit which will destroy killing 30 thousand trees and taking over 600 acres. The new pit will displace and kill animals who will be made to leave their homes and run into the Mid Peninsula District Preserve if they are lucky. I ask that all citizens get involved in these matters and that Better Cupertino will also get involved in crying out to Santa Clara County against the new pit which will I believe cause the next major earth quake in California. Thank you

  2. Who is planning this stuff? WE do not need all this housing which causes traffic. Also the height is not acceptable.

  3. We don’t want any more hotels in our area – keep them down near the companies that use them for their clients. This is a ‘bedroom’ community – no more commercial, please! If you have to build something, how about a decent shopping center – we don’t need any more restaurants here. We have limited shopping, having to travel all the way to Valley Fair or Stanford.

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