ANNOUNCEMENT 10/17/2018:

Extended hours for signing the Vallco referendum petition at the Better Cupertino table
outside the Cupertino Library. Sign before October 28th!

Monday – Friday: 4 pm – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm

What happened recently?

Cupertino City Council approved Vallco Specific Plan Tier 2 on September 19th. This plan will:

  1. Add 7,000 – 10,000 new workers
  2. Add around 7,800 new residents (in 2668 housing units)
  3. Worsen the traffic condition around Vallco site
  4. Have 14-story buildings towering over our SFH neighborhood
  5. Have NO real park — just concrete plazas and walkways with a tiny lawn area (only 1/4 acre on a 58-acre site!)
  6. Have only 400,000 sqft of retail (less than 5% square footage of the whole project)
  7. Have mostly paid parking, causing people to park in nearby neighborhoods

If you do not like this aggressive plan, if you believe Cupertino residents should have a chance to get a better plan, please sign our Referendum as soon as possible!

Please go to Better Cupertino Library booth to sign the referendum at
4pm-8pm on weekdays
11am-6pm on weekend
The deadline will be October 28th.

Want to learn more about this Referendum?

This Referendum would put a City Council decision up for a public vote so that every voter has a say. The Referendum process ensures that City Council decisions cannot stay too far from the majority of voters’ wishes.

How can we support it?

  1. SIGN: Cupertino Registered Voters please sign all FOUR petitions in October in front of Cupertino Library.
  2. DONATE to help the referendum by submit a check or donate online
  3. VOLUNTEER: Encourage your network and neighbors to sign the referendum petitions and donate to support the effort. Or you can visit our library booth and join our volunteer team. 

ATTN: Don’t forget to sign all FOUR petition books –Red, Gold, Green and Blue. Vallco Specific Plan includes four important legal documents. So, if you want to protest the adoption of all these resolutions, you have to sign FOUR times.

What is the next step?

After we collect the required number of signatures (10% of Cupertino voters) for all FOUR documents, the Vallco Specific Plan will be voted on in a future election. Cupertino residents will have a chance to vote to decide if they accept this plan.

It could also be adopted by City Council directly.

More facts:

1. Only Darcy Paul and Steven Scharf voted NO on this giant Vallco plan.

Rod Sinks, Barry Chang and Savita Vaidhyanathan all voted YES.

2. City Council Candidates Hung Wei, Orrin Mahoney and Savita Vaidhyanathan have publicly announced their support for the aggressive Vallco Specific Plan in press releases and City Council meetings. Can you trust these three?