Vallco Shopping District status update August 2018

At the end of June, the City qualified Sand Hill Property Co’s SB35 project.  The dubious qualification is subject to legal challenge.  The alternatives–specific plans for Vallco–are undergoing Environmental Impact Review (EIR). A comprehensive history of 2018 plans for Vallco is available in a recent blog post by a talented community researcher.  The blog contains video clips, charts, and milestones into October.  It is evident that the developer and his allies on the city council are eager to approve the project before November 2018 elections.

Vallco Shopping District Specific Plan Status May 2018 Update

At the end of design charette #2, Opticos Design presented two recommendations to the City:  “Low Office/High Retail” and “Low Housing/Low Retail”. The “Low Office/High Retail” option includes 750K sq. ft. of office space, 3,250 housing units, and 600K sq. ft. of retail space (the General Plan minimum for retail space). The “Low Housing/Low Retail” option includes 2,640 housing units, 400K sq. ft. of retail space, and 1.5M sq. ft. of office space. The following chart compares the program mix of the Opticos recommendations with Sand Hill Property Co.’s Measure D (defeated in Nov. 2016) and SB35 project (submitted Mar. READ MORE

Vallco Redevelopment is not supported by residents (letter to editor)

Letter to editor, Mercury News Your article (“Community draws up alternative development plans for Vallco_mall” 4/19) was grossly misleading. Most participants at the design meetings run by consultant firm Opticos were not Cupertino residents, but mostly out of town YIMBYs. The design process oddly looked for “alternatives” to a SB 35 plan proposed by the developer, Sand Hill Property, which was not approved by the city yet. The Opticos design criteria included massive office development which has never been supported by residents or even the out-of-town housing advocates in previous meetings. The developer surely intends to use its plan as a Trojan Horse to READ MORE

Open Invitation Letter by Better Cupertino

This invitation letter is for business owners, property developers and community leaders. We warmly welcome you to attend the BC Forum from 6:30 to 8:30pm on March 10 at the Cupertino Community Hall. Mayor Darcy Paul, City Council Member Steven Scharf and Planning Commissioner Don Sun will be our honored guests. This forum will focus on city planning and future developments in Cupertino, and the event will be a valuable opportunity to communicate with residents. We sincerely hope that developer representatives in this area can attend this forum, especially for the owner of Vallco, who has expressed a desire to READ MORE

Better Cupertino’s Clarification

Recently, there has been renewed interest regarding the lawsuit between the City of Cupertino and Measure C proponents. We are clarifying that: The plaintiffs have tried to be reasonable and settle the case with no cost to the city. The plaintiffs made NO claims for monetary damages. The city employs two full-time attorneys who are fully capable of handling the case and reach a settlement with residents, but instead, the city hired an expensive San Francisco law firm to prolong this case.  Every dollar the city spends on external legal counsel is wasted, no matter the outcome. Three members of the former city READ MORE

Santa Clara’s Study Session on Urban Villages

Following the approval of the three Urban Villages along Stevens Creek Blvd, including the Stevens Creek Urban Village, by the San Jose City Council, the City of Santa Clara held a study session on Sept. 12, 2017 due to concerns on the impact of surrounding communities, including traffic, building heights, and the community engagement process. Many Santa Clara, San Jose and Cupertino residents also attended and spoke during public comments, which was important because there were some Stevens Creek Advisory Group and San Jose city staff there as well. Incredibly they claimed that Santa Clara was “very well” represented by READ MORE

Better Cupertino Bike Team did a great job!

We are pleased to share that Better Cupertino was able to field a Ride/Walk team of 10 participants in the Ride4Diabetes event on August 26, 2017. The team worked hard with the community to raise funds towards this noble cause. The team also practiced very diligently every weekend leading up to the event. We are proud to announce that the team collectively contributed $2550.00 to help combat Diabetes. Here is the breakdown of funds raised. Participants registration fees        : $  230.00 Participants direct donations        : $  805.00 Community direct donations         READ MORE

A Special Announcement

Better Cupertino was founded in 2014 as a Google group. In last two years, we started to have our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel…… Now, like other formalized community advocacy groups, Better Cupertino has both a campaign committee and a 501c3 non-profit in order to serve the community and advocate for a better Cupertino with sensible growth. Here is a short introduction:   1. Better Cupertino Action Committee Better Cupertino Action Committee is a political committee following FPPC rules. That means it can endorse and support candidates, sponsor initiatives and referendums…… In 2016, Better Cupertino endorsed Steven Scharf for Cupertino READ MORE