August 1 City Council Meeting: You Made a Difference!

An immense THANK YOU from the the bottom of our hearts to the numerous volunteers and residents that stood up against the out-of-character monstrosity named Westport Cupertino in our tranquil community; especially without any transit solutions in sight. Your engagement & efforts did have an impact and delivered the outcome you were looking for. The City Council heard you loud and clear; your VOICE registered with them strongly to deliver a 4-1 verdict against Westport GPA request. This is your suburban town and you get to decide what happens here. Kudos to all of you on commendable team work. Keep READ MORE

02/14/2017 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

1) The famous pro-developer figure David Fung will be on the Planning Commission for the first time.  Recently, he advocates urbanization similar to Mountain View very hard.  Here are three of the many things wrong to align Cupertino with Mountain View: a) Mountain View’s population density in residential area is more than 2x of Cupertino. b) Mountain View’s North Bayshore traffic/transit plan will cost more than $40M.  The tax revenue will not even be close.  Measure D was projected to bring in $4M of tax revenue per year. c) Mountain View is projecting a budget deficit in 3 or 4 READ MORE

02/07/2017 City Countil Meeting Notes

0:01:10 – #1 Proclamation in memory of Cupertino resident Gin Lu “Tommy” Shwe 0:10:20 – Oral Communication 0:10:55 – Shashi Rekha Alur, Youth empowerment seminar (YES program) March 10th at Quinlan for stress free and violence free schools. 0:14:21 – Several people talked about human rights violation and organ harvesting in China against the practice of Falungong.  Extended invitation to Blue Light Cinema for screening of “Hard to Believe” (forced organ harvesting affecting 1.5M people). 0:48:50 – Taghi Saadati, complained about code enforcement for parking after street cleaning. 0:52:00 – Jean Bedord, Speaking for Dolly Sandoval, Thank the CC for READ MORE

01/24/2017 City Council Meeting Summary

0:01:10 – Ceremonial presentation 0:05:50 – Item 5: Fine Arts Commission 0:13:10 – Oral Communication 0:13:30 – Rick Kitson, Chamber of Commerce, Lunar New Year Luncheon, 0:15:00 – Lindsey Gauci, Cupertino Morningmasters Toastmaster Club 0:16:40 – Joe Hamilton, Rotary Club 0:21:05 – Cathy Helgerson, Compromise on Vallco 0:22:30 – Sabrina Rizk 0:25:20 – Chris Moylan, Ro Khana District Director 0:28:30 – Dolly Sandoval, Planning commission 0:32:00 – Motion to approve all items starting with #6, except 12, 14, 17.  Approved. 0:32:50 – Item 12: Ban clearcutting.  Approved 0:36:10 – Item 14: City-wide park consultant service.  Approved. 0:46:55 – Oral Comm, READ MORE