August 1 City Council Meeting: You Made a Difference!

An immense THANK YOU from the the bottom of our hearts to the numerous volunteers and residents that stood up against the out-of-character monstrosity named Westport Cupertino in our tranquil community; especially without any transit solutions in sight. Your engagement & efforts did have an impact and delivered the outcome you were looking for. The City Council heard you loud and clear; your VOICE registered with them strongly to deliver a 4-1 verdict against Westport GPA request. This is your suburban town and you get to decide what happens here. Kudos to all of you on commendable team work. Keep READ MORE

Better Cupertino BIG BOOTH Day was full of fun!

The BIG BOOTH of Better Cupertino on July 15 was hosted only by volunteers. There was no professionals or paid workers. BC volunteers’ hard work attracted many residents. A lot of kids asked for a face painting, balloon animals and joined the Pinata game. Their parents read Better Cupertino flyers or chat with BC volunteers while waiting for their kids. Quite a few of them signed up BC newsletter and got a free shopping bag with BC logo. Everyone enjoyed the great event and looked forward to more events like this in future. There was another group of parents and READ MORE

A Special Announcement

Better Cupertino was founded in 2014 as a Google group. In last two years, we started to have our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel…… Now, like other formalized community advocacy groups, Better Cupertino has both a campaign committee and a 501c3 non-profit in order to serve the community and advocate for a better Cupertino with sensible growth. Here is a short introduction:   1. Better Cupertino Action Committee Better Cupertino Action Committee is a political committee following FPPC rules. That means it can endorse and support candidates, sponsor initiatives and referendums…… In 2016, Better Cupertino endorsed Steven Scharf for Cupertino READ MORE

A petition regarding San Jose Urban Village

 Please sign the petition by and pass it to friends. Thank you!   This petition was initiated by a multi-city coalition — United Communities for Sensible Development (UC4SD), which includes residents in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Cupertino……   On June 27, San Jose City Council will approve a plan to allow buildings up to 12 to 15 stories along Stevens Creek from Cupertino border to Winchester, the so-called Stevens Creek Urban Village (SCUV) plan, which is about 140 acres in total. On the same day, two other Urban Village plans will also be approved for Santana Row/Valley Fair area READ MORE

An online petition to clarify the zoning of Vallco

A Community Member requests your support for the online petition “Vallco Shopping Mall: Remove Office Allocation and Restore Building Height”. From the Petition: “We Are Community Members Who call for the City Council to reject the creation of a community-centered process on a plan for Vallco. Instead, we urge all Council Members to consider the following changes to the Cupertino General Plan for the Vallco Shopping Mall: –  removal of the office allocation of 2 Million square feet –  restoration of the maximum building height for new construction in place on December 3, 2014″ ________________________________________________________________________ Background Story — History of READ MORE

BC Monthly News April 2017

To sign up for BC newsletter, please fill the BC subscription form. Summary See and hear the Cupertino City Council discussion on the Vallco Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) at the April 4 city council meeting (video link). Read about our Earth Day booth and a Bike Ride team, and see photos! Read about Better Cupertino’s lively Town Hall Forum April 23. BC Free gift program started — Make a donation and get a gift with BC logo. _______________________________________________________________________________________ See and hear the Cupertino City Council discussion on the Vallco Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) at the April 4 city council meeting The READ MORE