Recently, many residents received a flyer paid for by Sand Hill (the developer of Vallco). Rod Sinks, by using his title of Vice Mayor, claimed in it:

“If a referendum overturns our specific Plan, we will 
likely get a project allowed under new State Law SB 35, 
a much taller project with towers of up to 240 feet, 
with less housing and more office……”

Is he telling the truth?


If the current Vallco plan is rejected by voters, will the next one be even bigger and denser?

Developers must follow the General Plan, even those applying SB 35. However, the Cupertino City Council amended the General Plan to allow projects to grow bigger, which is the real problem. After the November election, and with a pro-resident majority on the City Council, the City Council can adopt policies to regulate developers.


In 2012, it was just Rod Sinks who started to work on giving the Vallco site 2,000,000 sq ft of office space entitlements on top of the Cupertino General Plan.

In 2014, Rod Sinks, as the Mayor, pushed the 2 million sqft office allocation through, calling it an envelope and that it will expire in 3 years. The developer requested 80-160 feet and the Sinks-led Council removed building height limits all together, deferring to the non-existent “per Specific Plan.”

In 2017, it was Rod Sinks who blocked Darcy Paul’s proposal to clarify Vallco zoning before SB 35 took effect.

In the past 6 years, Rod Sinks has done whatever he could to assist the developer achieve approval for a bigger and denser development plan. 

Personal emails show Rod Sinks collaborating with Peter Pau.


Is it true that after we sign the referendum, the SB 35 Vallco plan will be brought back?

We believe the VTC SB35 Plan is not compliant with State or local laws and is therefore NOT QUALIFIED for the streamlined approval the City has granted the property owner. Friends of Better Cupertino has filed a lawsuit against the City regarding its approval of the proposed VTC SB35 Plan. Litigation on the matter moves forward.

Once Liang Chao and Jon Willey are elected to the council, they will hold the city staff accountable for their actions. They will ensure Developers follow city and state laws.


More interesting facts about Rod. Don’t miss the email exchange between Peter Pau and him at the end.

Rod Sinks mentioned that there has been 6 years of community input for Vallco.
Well, he got elected in 2011.
And here is what he has done since:

May 2012: approve the new Main Street plan to almost triple the amount of office space to replace the gym.
Aug 2012 – gave the staff direction to start a GPA process to add 2-3 million sqft citywide office allocation, with initial funding from Sand Hill
[From Staff Report]
In June 2012, the City Council budgeted $350,000 towards a General Plan Amendment when the City’s 2012-2013 Fiscal Year Budget was adopted. This is a result of the approval of the Modification to the Master Use Permit for the 18-acre Main Street Cupertino mixed-use project approved on May 15, 2012, in which the applicant provided $350,000 to help process a General Plan Amendment by the City to replenish the City-wide office allocation that was used by the project.
Sep. 2012 – allowed Sand Hill to replace senior housing with one-bedrooms.

Savita Vaidhyanathan has followed Rod Sinks all the way in supporting these over-sized development projects. Will Hung Wei follow the same lead?





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