At the end of design charette #2, Opticos Design presented two recommendations to the City:  “Low Office/High Retail” and “Low Housing/Low Retail”.

The “Low Office/High Retail” option includes 750K sq. ft. of office space, 3,250 housing units, and 600K sq. ft. of retail space (the General Plan minimum for retail space).

The “Low Housing/Low Retail” option includes 2,640 housing units, 400K sq. ft. of retail space, and 1.5M sq. ft. of office space.

The following chart compares the program mix of the Opticos recommendations with Sand Hill Property Co.’s Measure D (defeated in Nov. 2016) and SB35 project (submitted Mar. 2018), the current Vallco shopping district, and 3 examples of what the City’s General Plan allows:


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