STOP KT Urban’s TOO TALL, TOO DENSE development proposal for the Oaks Shopping Center!

When: December 5, 2017, 6:45 pm, Cupertino Community Hall
How: Attend & participate by voicing your views, or by emailing them to City Council.

1. The impact of the new California housing bills is yet unknown; therefore we should not move forward with any development proposal until the City has assessed these.

2. The Westport Cupertino proposal will exacerbate the housing crisis! The proposed plan’s 200,00 sq. ft. of office will bring 1,000 workers, yet houses only 200 workers.

3. The intersection at Stevens Creek Blvd. and Mary cannot sustain more gridlock.

Details: The City of Cupertino will review a resubmittal of development plans to decide whether to authorize KT Urban to submit a formal application for their plans for the site. If the City authorizes KT
Urban’s application, there is effectively no looking back. The EIR (paid for by KT Urban), scripted public “outreach,” and staff “review” will commence. Then, we wait for KT Urban to profit at the expense of our quality of life.

Background: The Oaks site is an eight-acre parcel that currently is ~71,250 sq. ft. of retail. KT Urban plans a mixed-use development with 200,000 sq. ft. of office space, 170 hotel rooms, 270 apartments (200 market-rate non-senior, 20 market-rate senior, and 50 BMR senior), and 69,500 sq. ft. of retail. The Oaks has housed popular businesses such as an arts theatre, the Coffee Society, and bookstores.

Here’s what KT Urban wants:
• a 65′ office tower
• a 70′ hotel
• 270 housing units
• four residential buildings, three of them 60′ tall

How will this impact the housing crisis?
How will this affect the already backed-up traffic in this location?
How will the increased vehicle traffic impact our air quality?
How will this affect our valued but overburdened schools?

We do not yet know the impact of state housing legislation that takes effect January 1. We should be planning for yet-to-be-defined housing requirements.

View KT Urban’s letter, application, analysis, and plans at the City’s General Plan Amendment (GPA) Authorization page here.

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