Following the approval of the three Urban Villages along Stevens Creek Blvd, including the Stevens Creek Urban Village, by the San Jose City Council, the City of Santa Clara held a study session on Sept. 12, 2017 due to concerns on the impact of surrounding communities, including traffic, building heights, and the community engagement process. Many Santa Clara, San Jose and Cupertino residents also attended and spoke during public comments, which was important because there were some Stevens Creek Advisory Group and San Jose city staff there as well. Incredibly they claimed that Santa Clara was “very well” represented by the group, citing group members Steve Kelly (a Santa Clara Planning Commissioner) and Kirk Vartan (co-chair of the group, and a business owner).

Here’s a list of the video clips:

It is pretty clear that the council is taking a measured approach by proposing to form a task force and inviting the other cities and San Jose to see what can be done. The mayor said she knows it is important to preserve Santa Clara’s rights, including legal options if things don’t work out.  It will be important for residents to keep staying engaged.

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