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  1. See and hear the Cupertino City Council discussion on the Vallco Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) at the April 4 city council meeting (video link).
  2. Read about our Earth Day booth and a Bike Ride team, and see photos!
  3. Read about Better Cupertino’s lively Town Hall Forum April 23.
  4. BC Free gift program started — Make a donation and get a gift with BC logo.


See and hear the Cupertino City Council discussion on the Vallco Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) at the April 4 city council meeting

The City proposed to spend as much as $1 million on a Citizens Advisory Committee on the development of Vallco. IF YOU MISSED IT, see the video clips of that meeting and DON’T MISS the City Council’s next discussion on this important issue. Attend the meeting or watch from home at the city website.

Better Cupertino hosted an Earth Day booth and Bike Ride team!

We had a great time on Earth Day at our booth, letting kids spin the wheel for prizes and plant flower seeds in compostable cornstarch cups, while we passed out helpful Earth-friendly tips and chewed the fat with everyone who stopped by. (Inside information: our prize wheel was hand made by city council member Steven Scharf)

Steven also rode with our red-shirted Bike Ride team, who tried to not break a sweat. Click here for BC Earth Day pictures.

Our first Town Hall Forum on Sensible Growth sure was lively!

On April 23 Better Cupertino hosted its first Town Hall Forum on the topic of Sensible Growth. With over 150 in attendance, City council members from Cupertino (Steven Scharf), Sunnyvale (Michael Goldman), San Jose (Chappie Jones), and Palo Alto (Lydia Kou) discussed growth issues faced by our cities. Our new congressman Ro Khanna was also there to listen for most of the event, and spoke briefly at the beginning.

A forum on such a hot-button issue could not go without some drama, and drama was provided by a pro-housing activist who made accusations against several of the panel members — who didn’t seem to have any problem refuting the accusations. And a long line of audience members made sure their voices were heard during “questions from the audience” time at the end. We hope everyone who attended left with more knowledge and ideas than they had when they came.

For details, please visit Better Cupertino Facebook page or post on Better Cupertino website.

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