On April 4, 2017, Cupertino city council member decided to start a Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) on Vallco development. The voting result was 3:2. Council member Darcy Paul and Steven Scharf voted “No” on it.

Please visit Better Cupertino YouTube Account for video clips in this meeting:

Residents Public Speech:

City council’s discussion on Vallco CAC:

2 thoughts on “04/04/2017 Cupertino City Council Meeting video clips

  1. I do not think the CAC undoes the Nov 8, 2016 election results. The results of the election were “No” on C, and, also, “No” on D. That means that neither received the approval of the voters. My “No” vote on both meant that I think that C was too much in the slow growth direction, and that D was too much of an approval of the developer’s plan. Both measures looked to me like they would hamstring the normal Council and planning processes. Having Councilmember Scharf on the Council is the right way for citizens to vote for slower growth. I think the Council would do well to have a CAC to come to terms with the differences of opinion between those who liked C, and those who liked D. Those that liked neither are the people who should, also, have a voice on the CAC. They would likely be able to point out the areas of compatibility and the areas where compromise was needed.

  2. It is unfortunate that the remaining 3 city council members from the original team that awarded VallCo gift to Sand Hill on Dec 4, 2014 would embark on a a sham like this to undo Nov 8, 2016 election results. Are these 3 council members working for Cupertino City or to Sand Hill Properties?

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