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1. A Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Vallco will be discussed in April 4 City Council meeting

Our city proposed to allocate $1,000,000 to fund a Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Vallco development. Please email to our city council members to express your concern. You may find this information in the Meeting Agenda and 2017-2018 City Work Program included in item 8.

2. Better Cupertino’s live streaming broadcast received strong support

Better Cupertino funded and presented free lived streaming service online to promote transparency in local government.
— Cupertino City Council Goal Setting meeting on Better Cupertino Facebook Page
CUSD Board meeting on March 28 in Better Cupertino YouTube account
The highest live streaming viewer number recorded was 258. Some video clips were viewed more than 2,000 times. We welcome contributions to help Better Cupertino to continue the live streaming services in future.

3. The signature number on the Petition of Anjali Kausar soared from 1100 to 1900

A petition for Anjali Kausar to step down from CUSD board appeared on in January 2017. The signature number passed 1000 in one month. Recently, more concerned CUSD parents joined the force. As a result, the signature number on this petition had a significant rise in March.


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