Weekly News (08/28 – 09/03):

Highlight: 1. Support freedom of speech! Cupertino residents being sured by two former mayors hired by Vallco’s developer — Sand Hill Property Co. You may find the detailed story at our website: http://www.bettercupertino.org/#!residents-being-sued/j8qk0 Upcoming event: 1. Please visit Better Cupertino’s booth at the Fall Festival at Memorial Park on Sept. 10 2. Better Cupertino will start information meeting from next Sunday. And our weekend library booth will continue. For details, please check www.bettercupertino.org

Weekly News (08/13 – 08/19)

Highlights: 1. CCSGI supporters filed an appeal on Monday 08/15 to the Court of Appeal of the State of California Sixth Appellate District regarding the case of misleading ballot language. 2. Cupertino City council candidate Jerry Liu’s campaign kickoff was on 08/16. Three council members and several Better Cupertino members attended the event. Jerry told people that he want to be a bridge among all parties and hope that will benefit our community. Upcoming events: 1. Liangfang Chao, one of the founders of Better Cupertino, decided to run for CUSD board. Her campaign kickoff will be on this Sunday, 08/21 at 6148 Bollinger Rd, San READ MORE

Weekly News (08/06 – 08/12)

November election is coming! Better Cupertino will start our weekly update to provide information to all the residents who concerned about the development issue in Cupertino.  Highlights: The Registrar of Voter’s Office assigned the measure letters. The measure letters are interesting:     CCSGI — Measure C, the Citizens’ Initiative     Vallco — Measure D, the Developer’s Initiative Please tell all your friends: Vote YES on C and Vote NO on D, Support Citizens and Defeat Developers! 2. The Judge at Santa Clara County Court rejected CCSGI’s petition to correct the misleading wording of ballot question. The plaintiffs decided to request the appellate court to intervene since our READ MORE