UPDATE: KT Urban Pulls Redevelopment GPA Application for the Oaks

January 11, 2018 • Council Member Steven Scharf announced on Nextdoor yesterday that KT Urban has withdrawn its most recent application to redevelop the Oaks shopping center as a high-rise mixed-use complex. The application was to have been voted on at the January 16 city council meeting. There is no information yet as to KT Urban’s next move.

Thank you to all who took the time to write City Council. If you were planning on speaking about the development at next Tuesday’s council meeting, it is no longer necessary.


A development project larger and denser than Measure D (which was voted down by Cupertino voters in 2016) will be allowed at the Vallco shopping site, if our city council does not take action immediately! Please read Better Cupertino’s petition, sign it today and share it with your friends. Thank you!


 Better Cupertino supports:

•    Informed, empowered residents who are engaged in civic matters
•    Transparency and accountability in local and regional government
•    Sensible growth that is aligned with the needs and interests of a majority of residents

Click the icons on this map to view approved and ongoing development projects in Cupertino.

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