ANNOUNCEMENT 10/17/2018:

Extended hours for signing the Vallco referendum petition at the Better Cupertino table
outside the Cupertino Library. Sign before October 28th!

Monday – Friday: 4 pm – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm

for Cupertino City Council!

Pro-residents candidates URGENTLY need your help! We need funds to print flyers, buy yard signs, and send out mailers. Without enough funds, they can not defeat developer-funded candidates. Please show your support, and share with  friends. Make a donation online NOW to Jon Willey Liang Chao.  Thank you!

Two core supporters of Better Cupertino are running for City Council. With your help, we can add sensible growth, pro-resident voices to the council. Because all voters will receive mail-in ballots at the beginning of October, outreach is critical before the 2nd weekend of October. Please volunteer ASAP at Jon Willey’s campaign site and Liang Chao’s campaign site. There are many ways that you can help the campaigns, including walking a neighborhood, talking to friends, making a donation to pay for campaign costs, data entry, or hosting a yard sign.

News of the candidacy announcements: Watch Chinese news clip, NTDTV Chinese news video, Sing Tao news article Epoch Times news article

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Better Cupertino also sponsors two online platforms for your voice on Vallco:

  1. A survey of what people want at Vallco.  The survey results informed the Retail Destination petition.  The survey received 10 times as many responses as the survey that was commissioned by Opticos–the City-hired consultant.  Any survey with a decent sample size in the last several years shows that people want retail and little or no office at Vallco.
  2. A petition to City Council to clarify zoning standards at Vallco.  Unclear zoning standards allow developers to use the new SB35 law to build without local control and without consideration for impacts to traffic, schools, or the environment.

Better Cupertino supports:

•    Informed, empowered residents who are engaged in civic matters
•    Transparency and accountability in local and regional government
•    Sensible growth that is aligned with the needs and interests of a majority of residents

Click the icons on this map to view approved and ongoing development projects in Cupertino.

Learn more at Development Projects List…